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Linear Regulaor Design

  Linear Regulator Design Key Notes James Zou 03/10/2005 The basic properties about linear regulator electric components are discussed in these notes. An electrolytic capacitor model is shown in Figure 1. In this model, it shows the effective series inductance … Continue reading

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Switching Regulator Design

Switching Regulator Design James Zou 10/27/2008 On board level design, we need to pay attention to two most important issues: power and clock. These two issues will decide the board stability and quality. In this paper, we only address the … Continue reading

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PS2 Keyboard Interface

.James Zou. 10/25/2010 PS2 Keyboard Interface will disappear soon. However, in the computer history, as one of the main input tool ever, the PS2 keyboard played a very important role. I designed a virtual keyboard many years ago so I … Continue reading

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Assembly Language Examples

Assembly Language Programming Examples .James Zou. 10/24/2010 You must be crazy if you are ineresting in reading this kind of stuff here. Example 1.   .model small, c .386 dseg    segment ‘data’         copy_from       equ     0c000h                  ;copying from c000h segment         copy_to         equ     … Continue reading

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Copy an Option ROM to a file

.James Zou. 10/24/2010  Many years ago, I designed a remote server management PCI card. On this card, I was using the ATI Rage XL VGA controller. I asked ATI guys to design a special Video Option ROM for me. The problem … Continue reading

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nVidia GPU system installation

How to setup nVidia GPU system .James Zou. 10/18/2010 1. Install Linux_64_redhat_5.5. 2. Uncheck “Virtualization \ Xen” during install RHEL5. I accidently checked “Virtualization \ Xen” during install RHEL5.  Then I got this message:       The kernel you are … Continue reading

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