IPMI ME to BMC package decoding

20 C0 20 2C 54 E2 9e

2C c4 10 20 54 E2 00 00 35 00 75

How do you decode this message?

20 is the BMC slave address. 2C is the ME slave address.

Let’s look the format of IPMI message:


Then from Intel node management 2.0, we know the format of net function 30 and command code E2 as:

We can decode first row as:

20  BMC slave address.

C0 Net function 30 and Lun# is 0.

20 checksum

2C the Me slave address

54 resquest sequence number

E2 Get power reading

9E checksum

For the second line, we can decode it as:

2C  ME slave address

C4 net function 31 and Lun# 0

10 checksum

20 BMC slave address

54 response sequence number

E2 Power Reading

00   Completed successfully

00  Reading type, platform power comsuption

35 00 Power reading 35W.

75 checksum.












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