About James Zou

I am a Sr. Computer Hardware Design Engineer.


3 Responses to About James Zou

  1. richard zhou says:

    Hi James,

    nice to meet you here.

    I am new to GPU linpack. I need you help on this. could you help me?

  2. Rich H says:


    I am trying to track down the root cause of an unexpected SMI which occurs every 21 hours on multiple machines (all of the same model). The SMI lasts around ~800ms and our kernel and real time applications do not schedule properly which leads to problems. Ive managed to get a root shell on the BMC and I found many OEM binaries running, but I have no source to the AMI PDK or those binaries. As of now we’re using a bus pirate to capture raw I2c mesages on the BMC connected thermal monitor which I suspect to be the problem.

    Would you mind chatting with me? If not, please shoot me an email.


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